2nd GAMM-Seminar on Multiscale Material Modelling

11–12 July, 2008

The seminar will focus on various aspects of multiscale material modelling in solid mechanics, material science and applied mathematics. A particular focus of the seminar will be on the modelling of anisotropies on different scales. The aim of the seminar is to discuss the state of the art and give a survey of recent developments in this field. The intend is to bring together scientists who work on the topics:
  • Theoretical and computational modelling of materials with developing anisotropies (plasticity, damage, fracture, phase transitions, non-local effects, multifuntionality of materials, ...)
  • Multiscale methods, scale-bridging techniques and adaptive computational tools for the determination of effective properties of micro-heterogeneous materials
The seminar will give an opportunity to discuss and compare different approaches to the above-mentioned area of research as well as stimulate and create perspectives for future research trends. It should also provide a forum for the interaction of young and established researchers from solid mechanics, applied mathematics and materials science.

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