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Ercan Gürses

Dr.-Ing. Ercan Gürses

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Curriculum vitae
Doctoral Degree, Dissertation Thesis: "Aspects of Energy Minimization in Solid Mechanics: Evolution of Inelastic Microstructures and Crack Propagation"
Research Associate at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, University of Stuttgart
M.Sc. in COMMAS - Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures
Robert Bosch GmbH Scholarship
Teaching Assistant in Structural Mechanics Lab., Civil Engineering Dept., Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.) in Civil Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Lecture presentations
  • "A Computational Framework of Three-Dimensional Configurational Force Driven Crack Propagation". ICIAM07 / GAMM Annual Scientific Conference, July 16-20, 2007, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • "3D Configurational-Force-Driven Crack Propagation based on Incremental Energy Minimization". Sixth GAMM-Seminar on Microstructures, January 12-13, 2007, Berlin, Germany.
  • "Robust Algorithm for Brittle Fracture based on Energy Minimization". GAMM Annual Scientific Conference, March 27-31, 2006, Berlin, Germany.
  • "Deformation Driven Homogenization of Fracturing Solids". GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2005, 28.04.-01.05. 2005, Luxemburg.
  • "Material Instabilities in Softening Materials: Comparison of two Approaches to Deformation Microstructure Evolution". Statusseminar des SFB 404, 21.-22.02. 2005, Bad Herrenalb, Germany.
  • "Analysis of Evolving Deformation Microstructures in Non-Convex Isotropic Damage Mechanics". Fourth GAMM-Seminar on Microstructures, 14.-16.01. 2005, Bedlewo, Polen.
  • "Theoretical and Computational Foundations of Multiscale Analyses of Solid Materials". DFG/NWO/STW Research Group Meeting, 11.-12.11. 2004, Freudenstadt, Germany.
  • "Analysis of Evolving Deformation Microstructures in Instable Inelastic Solids Based on Energy Relaxation Methods". ICTAM 2004, XXI International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, August 15-20, 2004, Warsaw.
  • "Numerical Computation of Anisotropically Evolving Yield Surfaces based on micro-to-macro Transistions". 25.03.2004, GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2004, Dresden.
  • "On relaxation of incremental stress potentials in damage mechanics". 20.02.2004,Statusseminar des SFB 404, Bad Herrenalb, Germany.
  • "Numerical computation of anisotropically evolving yield surfaces for polycrystals". 10.02.2004, Lecture Series of the Institute of Applied Mechanics (Civil Engineering).
  • "Deformation Microstructures in Nonconvex Inelastic Solids". 08.01.2004, Third GAMM Seminar on Microstructures, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • "Application of Relaxation Techniques to Non-Convex Isotropic Damage Models". 25.03.2003, GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2003, Abano Terme, Italy.
  • "Two-Scale Relaxation Analysis of Finite-Strain Single Slip Plasticity based on a First-Order Rank-One Convexification". 21.05.2002, Lecture Series of the Institute of Applied Mechanics (Civil Engineering).

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