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Dominik Zimmermann

Dr.-Ing. Dominik Zimmermann

This picture shows  Dominik Zimmermann
Curriculum vitae
Doctoral Degree, Dissertation Thesis: "Material Forces in Finite Inelasticity and Structural Dynamics: Topology Optimization, Mesh Refinement and Fracture."
Assistant Lecturer at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, University of Stuttgart
Diploma Degree in Civil Engineering, University of Stuttgart
Scholarship of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes
Studies in Civil Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Lecture presentations
  • "Configurational-Force-Based Structural Updates and Adaptive Remeshing Strategies". 17.07.2007, ICIAM 2007 - 6th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Zürich.
  • "A Robust Adaptive Algorithm for Material-Force-Driven Brittle Fracture Based on Incremental Energy Minimization". 30.08.2006, ESMC 2006 - 6th European Solid Mechanics Conference 2006, Budapest.
  • "On Configurational-Force-Based Re-Meshing Indicators: h-Adaptive Refinement in Finite Elasticity and Plasticity". 19.07.2006, WCCM VII - 7th World Congress on Computational Mechanics 2006, Los Angeles.
  • "Material-Force-Based Refinement Indicators in Adaptive Strategies".  29.03.2006, GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2006, Berlin.
  • "A Comparison of Material-Force- and Recovery-Based Error Indicators in h-adaptive Strategies". 06.10.2005, GACM Colloqium for Young Scientists on Computational Mechanics 2005, Bochum.
  • "Computation of Material Forces in Thermoplasticity Based on Alternative Smoothing Algorithms". 31.03.2005, GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2005, Luxembourg.
  • "Material Forces in Standard Dissipative Solids obtained from an Incremental Variational Formulation". 25.03.2004, GAMM Annual Scientific Conference 2004, Dresden.
  • "Ein implizites Gradientenmodell zur Beschreibung finiter nichtlokaler Plastizität formuliert in logarithmischen Verzerrungen: Konstitutiver Ansatz und numerische Implementation". Diplomvortrag, 13.05.2003, Universität Stuttgart.
  • "Elastisch-Plastische Materialmodellierung in der Finiten Festkörpermechanik. Konstitutive Modelle und Numerische Implementation". Entwurfsvortrag, 25.09.2002, Söllerhaus, Hirschegg, Austria.

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