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Christian Miehe

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Miehe
(*1956, †2016)

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Curriculum vitae
Elected member of the senate of the University of Stuttgart
Dean of the faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Stuttgart
Local coordinator of the excellence program Erasmus Mundus MSc. in Computational Mechanics with Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Swansea University, Ecole Centrale Nantes, Tsinghua University Beijing
Member of the General Assembly of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM)
Initiator and dean of the international master program Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures (COMMAS), University of Stuttgart
Full professor of Applied Mechanics and Material Theory at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Stuttgart
Associate professor of Continuum Mechanics at the Institute for Structural and Computational Mechanics, University of Hannover
Habilitation degree in Applied Mechanics. Dissertation title: "Canonical models of multiplicative plasticity. Thermodynamical formulation and numerical implementation."
Lecturer at the Institute for Structural and Computational Mechanics, University of Hannover
DFG research fellow at the Division of Applied Mechanics, Stanford University
PhD, dissertation title: "On the numerical treatment of thermomechanical processes."
Assistant lecturer at the Institute for Structural and Computational Mechanics, University of Hannover
Diploma degree in civil engineering, University of Hannover

Research interests
  • Non-linear continuum physics, applied differential geometry and constitutive theory of materials
  • Computational mechanics, discretization techniques, finite element design and solution algorithms
  • Variational principles for dissipative problems in solid mechanics, including multi-physics scenarios
  • Phenomenological material theory, elasticity, viscoelasticity, plasticity, damage and fracture mechanics
  • Micro-mechanics of materials, phase transitions, defect theories, general configurational mechanics
  • Homogenization techniques and multi-scale modeling, top-down modeling of materials with microstructures
  • Coupled multi-field problems, thermo-, electro-, magneto-, chemo-mechanical coupling, non-local problems
  • Material stability analyses, relaxation techniques, limiting load and bifurcation analysis of structures
  • Structural models, shell theories, finite elements for solid structures in multi-field environments
  • Optimization methods, parameter identification of complex material models, experimental mechanics
  • Courses taught by Christian Miehe

Research projects
  • DFG Mi 295/17"Modellierung und Homogenisierung magneto-mechanischen Materialverhaltens auf verschiedenen Skalen". Subproject in the DFG Research Unit FOR 1509 'Ferroische Funktionsmaterialien: Mehrskalige Modellierung und experimentelle Charakterisierung', since 2012
  • DFG EXC 310 (P1/3)"Multiscale Simulation of Solids: Computational Multiscale Modeling of Advanced Materials with Microstructure". Subproject in the Excellence Cluster 'Simulation Technology', since 2009
  • DFG EXC 310 (P3/2)"Simulation of Microstructure Evolution: Configurational-Force-Driven Self-Adaptive Simulations of Phase Transitions in Inelastic Solids". Subproject in the Excellence Cluster 'Simulation Technology', since 2008
  • DFG Mi 295/13"Thermomechanical Models for Amorphous Polymers Accounting for Shear Yielding and Crazing". DFG Research Grants Programme, since 2007
  • DFG Mi 295/12"Hybrid Micro-Macro Modeling of Evolving Microstructures in Finite Plascticity". Subproject in the DFG Research Unit FOR 797 'Analysis and Computation of Microstructure in Finite Plasticity', since 2007
  • DFG Mi 295/11"Approaches to Fracture Mechanis Based on Local and Global Energy Minimization". DFG Individual Grant, 2007–2012
  • DFG Mi 295/10"Theoretical and Computational Foundations of Multiscale Analyses of Inelastic Solid Materials". Subproject in the DFG Research Unit FOR 5O9 'Multiscale Methods in Computational Mechanics', 2003–2011
  • DFG Mi 295/9"Micro-mechanically motivated continuum-thermodynamical material models for polymers below and above the glass temperature". DFG Individual Grant, 2001–2010
  • DFG SFB 404/C11"Mathematische Modelle zur Plastizität bei finiten Deformationen". cooperation with Prof. A. Mielke, University of Stuttgart, Subproject in the Collaborative Research Center SFB 404 'Mehrfeldprobleme der Kontinuumsmechanik', 2001–2006
  • DFG SFB 404/C6"Mehrskalenmodelle und Mehrgitterverfahren". Subproject in the Collaborative Research Center SFB 404 'Mehrfeldprobleme der Kontinuumsmechanik', 1998–2006
  • DFG Mi 295/6"Parameteridentifikation ausgewählter makroskopischer Materialmodelle zur Finiten Elastizität und Inelastizität auf der Grundlage optischer Feldmeßmethoden". DFG Individual Grant, 1997–2005
  • DFG SFB 404/A8"Mikro-Makro-Übergänge zur Beschreibung Thermomechanischer Deformationsprozesse heterogener Materialien". Subproject in the Collaborative Research Center SFB 404 'Mehrfeldprobleme der Kontinuumsmechanik', 1996–2006
  • DFG Mi 295/4"Dynamische plastisch-anisotrope große Deformationen von Schalen – Theorie und Numerik mit Anwendung auf die Blechumformung". DFG Individual Grant, 1994–1998
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