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Modelling and homogenization of foams

The mechanical modeling of foams is discussed on a microscopic and on a macroscopic scale. A homogenization procedure is proposed to relate both models and to give detailed insight into the deformation behavior of foams. The presented microscopic approach gives rise to a Cosserat continuum on the macroscopic scale. Especially the misfit in the parameters governing the standard macroscopic model can be explained by the proposed homogenization procedure. This misfit results from the neglect of the rotations of the cell walls.

The microscopic model of open-cell foams is based on beam elements. LS-DYNA is used as a numerical tool to study the behavior of the beam structure by taking into account rotations and contact between the elements.

T. Ebinger, W. Ehlers, S. Diebels & H. Steeb
Modelling and homogenization of foams. In DYNAmore GmbH (ed.): LS-DYNA Forum. DYNAmore, Stuttgart, 2002.