Licence Agreement

For temporally unrestricted use of the demo version of the software package PANDAS the licensee agrees to the following license stipulations:

The free of charge demo version of PANDAS must be obtained from the website

The PANDAS demo version as a whole or parts of it is to be used only for the purpose of testing, research, teaching, or the publishing of scientific results with the appropriate citation of PANDAS (refer to

The delivered demo version can be used for non-commercial purposes only.

No sale or commercial use of the PANDAS demo version as a whole, or of parts or extensions, or of software or data produced with the demo version is permitted.

The demo version of PANDAS or parts of it shall not be included or linked with any other programs. By ordering special stipulations it is possible to get an extra license for using PANDAS or data produced with PANDAS in other programs.

Any manipulations and extensions of the PANDAS demo version as delivered, which are developed by the licensee, will be subject to the above stipulations. Furthermore, the licensee will inform the licenser about all extensions of the PANDAS demo software and the licenser has the unrestricted rights to such extensions.

No copies of the PANDAS demo version may be made and distributed by the licensee. All copies of PANDAS must be obtained from the licenser via

The licenser does not assume any liability for the demo version of PANDAS and the results of work obtained with its use.

The licenser can denounce the license agreement with a two month notice. The license lies under the obligation to give back the PANDAS demo software as a whole or to delete all on the licensee's data processors or memories installed software from the PANDAS demo version.

PANDAS v5.01 (32 Bit) PANDAS v5.01 (64 Bit)